Thursday June 12th, 2014

Stage 5Sisteron / La Mure

Start 09h45 (Local time)

Key moments

Stage summary12.06.2014Spilak under the spotlight, Froome under pressure

Twenty-four hours after Yuriy Trofimov in Gap, another Katusha rider claimed a valuable solo victory at the Dauphiné as Simon Spilak was the only man to survive a long-lasting breakaway that kept Chris Froome under pressure. In the last thirty kilometers, Alberto Contador put the yellow jersey wearer in difficulty and the fight for the white jersey brought Wilco Kelderman closer on GC at only twelve seconds in the same time as Contador. What a spectacle!

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interview12.06.2014Wilco Kelderman: «It's possible to attack Froome and Contador»

“At the end of the day, it's an excellent stage for me. But sometimes it's been very difficult too. When Team Sky accelerated to chase Contador down, it was hard to keep up. In the downhills, it was very tense too. In the finale, everyone was riding strongly but I've seen Adam Yates attacking so I followed him and we kept a bit of an advantage. It means it's possible to attack Froome and Contador, providing that a situation is favourable. I'm not sure if it'll be the case again by the end...

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interview12.06.2014Chris Froome: "It turned out to being very hard"

“Sometimes, days don't look so hard on paper and turn out to being very hard. That's what happened today when Contador went up the road and put us under pressure. But I asked my team-mates to stay calm. They have done such a massive job today! All of them did well and Richie Porte stepped up really well today. Personally I'm feeling pretty good on the bike. I'm tired after the race but everyone is today. We also had to chase Kelderman at the end because anyone up there on GC is a rival to...

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interview12.06.2014Simon Spilak: "It's an incredible week for Katusha"

“It's been a really hard stage with the heat and I don't like the heat at all. Only with 500 metres to go I've believed I could win the stage. Actually I looked back at the 1km sign and I didn't see anyone behind me. The chasing group was one minute behind but I wasn't sure. When I attacked in the first climb, I was far from thinking that I'd win the stage. Initially, I only followed the attacks. This is an incredible week for Team Katusha after Yuriy Trofimov's win yesterday. It's more...

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Sporting stakes11.06.2014On the path of Napoleon...

Starting in Sisteron, the peloton of the 66th Critérium du Dauphiné will have a taste of the Tour de France passing through Tallard where stage 15 of the Grande Boucle will kick off next month. For the second time in two days, but on another versant, they'll climb to the col de Manse where Kevin Reza (Europcar) will start the defense of his polka dot jersey in the first of the six categorized climbs of the day, equally divided in second and third category. The terrain is favorable for an...

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Newsflashes (Local time)

14:37Top 5

1. Simon Spilak (Katusha)

2. at 0.14: Wilco Kelderman (Belkin)

3. Adam Yates (Orica)

4. at 0.17: Daryl Impey (Orica)

5. Romain Bardet (AG2R)

14:34The winner is... Simon Spilak

Spilak wins stage 5 in La Mûre. Second straight victory for Katusha!

14:32Spilak on his way to winning

Despite the chase, Spilak has 40 seconds with 2km to go.

14:31Froome in the chase

Froome himself chases Kelderman down!

14:29Serious chase

The yellow jersey group is strunge out behind Spilak. Attack by Kelderman!

14:2848 seconds with 6km to go

Simon Spilak has 48 sec. lead with 6km to go but there's a lot of action at the head of the chasing group.

14:25No more riders in between

With 10km to go, Spilak remains alone in the lead while all of his former breakaway companions have been caught by the yellow jersey group. The Slovenian from Katusha has an advance of one minute. Bardet (AG2R) tries to go away from the main group.

14:1548 seconds lead for Spilak

With 16km to go, Spilak has an advantage of 48 seconds over his former breakaway companions. The group of Froome, Contador and Kelderman is at 1.15.

14:12Contador is reined in

Richie Porte's hard work has paid off. The yellow jersey group has rejoined Contador and put an end to this spectacular action.

14:11Spilak alone at côte de Laffrey

Result at the top of côte de Laffrey, cat. 2, km 169:

1. Simon Spilak (Katusha), 10 points

2. Damiano Caruso (Cannondale), 9

3. Bart De Clercq (Lotto), 8

4. Daryl Impey (Orica), 7

5. Darwin Atapuma (BMC), 6

6. Mikaël Chérel (AG2R), 5

14:07Spilak away

Simon Spilak (Katusha) has attacked solo at the front, probably inspired by the success of his teammate Yuriy Trofimov yesterday.

14:05Porte and Nieve lead the bunch

The bunch is led by Richie Porte and Mikel Nieve in the pursuit of Contador and other breakaway riders.

14:04Contador: the one man show!

Contador is passing Le Mével, Vichot and De Marchi. It's a one-man show! The green jersey wearer is on his way to catching the escapees.

14:03Chérel caught

Eight riders in the lead in the côte de Laffrey as Chérel is caught by Impey, De Clercq, Atapuma, Spilak, Bakelants, Caruso and Silin. Contador is at 1.15. Peloton at 2 minutes.

13:58Chérel still in the lead

In the côte de Laffrey, Chérel has 20 seconds lead over De Marchi and Denifl, 40'' over Vichot and Le Mével, 1.35 over Contador who is climbing by himself. Froome and the rest of the bunch is about one minute behind Contador.

13:56Contador keeps going

Contador doesn't keep Paulinho with him. He keeps going solo and puts Froome in trouble. Contador is 1.45 behind Chérel, the yellow jersey group is at 2.35.

13:53Chérel alone in the lead

Mikaël Chérel (AG2R) is alone in the lead with 25km to go. Le Mével is ar 12 seconds and the Contador group at 1.47.

13:51Contador on the move!

In the downhill, Tinkoff-Saxo has sent Sergio Paulinho away with Enrique Sanz (Movistar), in order to prepare an attack by Alberto Contador!!! The Spaniard is now away from the peloton with Guillaume Bonnafond (AG2R).

13:49Chérel and Le Mével away in the downhill

In the downhill, Mikaël Chérel (AG2R) and Christophe Le Mével (Cofidis) have taken some lead over their former breakaway companions.

13:452.15 with 33km to go

Bart De Clercq is no longer the virtual yellow jersey. The deficit of the peloton led by team Sky is down to 2.15 with 33km to go.

13:43De Marchi in the polka dot jersey

Shall he finish inside the time cut today, Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale) will take the polka dot jersey in La Mûre. Before the last climb of today, the côte de Laffrey, the Italian has compiled 63 points. Kevin Reza has 44 like this morning. Thomas Damuseau has 33 and Damiano Caruso 31.

13:39De Marchi first at col de la Morte

Result of KOM at col de la Morte, cat. 2, km 149.5:

1. Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale), 10 points

2. Damiano Caruso (Cannondale), 9

3. Stephan Denifl (IAM), 8

4. Jan Bakelants (OPQS), 7

5. Bart De Clercq (Lotto), 6

6. Mikaël Chérel (AG2R), 5

13:35Up to col de la Morte

Damiano Caruso sets the pace of the break up to the col de la Morte. Their advantage over the peloton is 3 minutes with 40km to go.

13:30Devenyns dropped

16 riders now in the lead as Dries Devenyns (Giant) is dropped from the front group.

13:293.10 at km 144

The gap remains steady: 3.10 at km 144. Bart De Clercq still virtually leads the Dauphiné but the margin is tight.

13:13De Marchi first at the top again

Result of KOM at col de Malissol, km 135:

1. Alesssandro De Marchi (Cannondale), 4 points

2. Damiano Caruso (Cannondale), 3

3. Stephan Denifl (IAM), 2

4. Darwin Atapuma (BMC), 1

13:11Ledanois: "Team Sky decides, we don't"

Questioned by about Darwin Atapuma's excellent position in the race today as he can eye at the yellow jersey in La Mûre, BMC Racing's directeur sportif Yvon Ledanois said: “We're still far away from the finish. Team Sky decides, we don't. They seem to be willing to control, so we'll have to wait and see if later on there's an opportunity for Atapuma to do something.”

13:09Devenyns in trouble

In the front group, Devenyns (Giant) looks in trouble in the climb to col de Malissol.

13:062.50 at the bottom of the fourth climb of the day

At the foot of the fourth climb of the day, the col de Malissol, the peloton is 2.50 behind the seventeen leaders.

13:01Sarmiento quits the Dauphiné

As he arrived in La Mûre alone behind the peloton, José Sarmiento (Cannondale) stopped.

12:59Correction: De Clercq virtually in the lead

Correction: the highest ranked breakaway riders isn't Darwin Atapuma but Bart De Clercq who won the hot spot sprint that doesn't however award any time bonus. He's 2.47 down on Chris Froome on GC. Froome passed in La Mûre in fifth position of the peloton, escorted by four team-mates. Richie Porte was just behind him.

12:55De Clercq first at La Mûre

Result of hot spot sprint at La Mûre, km 128, on the first passage on the finishing line:

1. Bart De Clercq (Lotto), 5 points

2. Bartosz Huzarski (NetApp), 3

3. Egor Silin (Katusha), 1

12:48De Marchi keeps taking KOM points

Result at the top of côte du Pont-Haut, cat. 3, km 125.5:

1. Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale), 4 points

2. Damiano Caruso (Cannondale), 3

3. Bartosz Huzarski (NetApp), 2

4. Cyril Gautier (Europcar), 1

12:4641.3km/h average

The 17 leaders have covered 38.1km in the third hour of racing. 41.3km/h is the average speed so far.

12:35Nerz pulls out

Dominique Nerz (BMC) abandons the Dauphiné as he suffers the consequences of this morning's massive crash at km 14.

12:26Anacona pulls out

Winner Anacona (Lampre) who has already taken part in the Giro d'Italia pulls out in the feed zone where the peloton is timed three minutes behind the 17 leaders.

12:11De Marchi virtually in the polka dot jersey

Having compiled 45 points so far, Alessandro De Marchi has passed Kevin Reza (44) in the KOM classification. The peloton passed the line of the KOM at côte du Motty 3.10 behind the 17 leaders.

12:09De Marchi scores at côte du Motty

Result of KOM at côte du Motty, cat. 3, km 100:

1. Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale), 4 points

2. Bart De Clercq (Lotto), 3

3. Stephan Denifl (IAM), 2

4. Arthur Vichot (FDJ), 1

12:012.50 at km 95

The time gap is 2.50 at km 95. Four riders from Team Sky set the pace of the peloton.

11:53New time gap: 3.25

Team Sky seems to be afraid of Atapuma. The deficit of the peloton decreases to 3.25.

11:51Seventeen riders in the lead, including Voigt

Jens Voigt (Trek) rejoins the breakaway. 17 riders in the lead at km 87.

11:50Voigt coming close

Jens Voigt (Trek) is getting closer and closer to the sixteen leaders, at 22 seconds.

11:49Atapuma virtually in the lead

The time gap between the sixteen leaders and the bunch is exactly the same as the deficit on GC of Darwin Atapuma (BMC): 3.31.

11:4742.9km/h average

41.6km have been covered in the second hour of racing. Average speed so far: 42.9km/h.

11:4316 riders in the lead

Christophe Le Mével (Cofidis), Daryl Impey (Orica), Mikaël Chérel and Blel Kadri (AG2R), Cyril Gautier (Europcar), Bart De Clercq (Lotto), Stephan Denifl (IAM), Damiano Caruso and Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale), Darwin Atapuma (BMC), Egor Silin and Simon Spilak (Katusha), Jan Bakelants (OPQS), Arthur Vichot (FDJ), Dries Devenyns (Giant) and Bartosz Huzarski (NetApp) are united at the front at km 81. Jens Voigt (Trek) follows alone at 55 seconds. Peloton at 3.15.

11:37Six riders in the chase

Gautier (Europcar), Bakelants (OPQS), Le Mével (Cofidis), Chérel (AG2R), De Clercq (Lotto) and Vichot (FDJ) are together in chase of the ten leaders. The peloton is slowing down, timed 1.50 behind the front group.

11:34Ten riders in the lead

Ten riders in the lead in the downhill of col de Manse: Impey (Orica), Kadri (AG2R), Denifl (IAM), Caruso and De Marchi (Cannondale), Atapuma (BMC), Silin and Spilak (Katusha), Devenyns (Giant) and Huzarski (NetApp). At 15 seconds: Gautier (Europcar) and Bakelants (OPQS). At 20 seconds: Le Mével (Cofidis), Chérel (AG2R), De Clercq (Lotto), Vichot (FDJ). At 40 seconds: Voigt (Trek). Peloton at 45 seconds.

11:28De Marchi first at col de Manse

Results at the top of col de Manse, cat. 2

1.    Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale), 10 points

2.    Damiano Caruso (Cannondale), 9

3.    Daryl Impey (Orica), 8

4.    Blel Kadri (AG2R), 7

5.    Darwin Atapuma (BMC), 6

6.    Egor Silin (Katusha), 5

11:22Spilak alone in the lead

Spilak is alone away with 15 seconds lead over the first chasers. Main peloton at 34 seconds.

11:21Kwiatkowski off the back

Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQS) who was an underdog at the start in Lyon is dropped by the main peloton.

11:19Reza off the back

KOM leader Kevin Reza (Europcar) is dropped from the bunch. So is Igor Anton (Movistar) who had the Giro d'Italia in his legs.

11:18Voecker can't follow

Voeckler doesn't manage to follow the four riders he rode away with.

11:17Five riders away from the bunch

Chérel (AG2R), Voeckler and Sicard (Europcar), Silin (Katusha) and Bakelants (OPQS) attack from the bunch.

11:16De Marchi and Spilak at the front

De Marchi (Cannondale) and Spilak (Katusha) attack from the front group.

11:15Riders off the back

Among the first riders dropped from the bunch at the beginning of the climb to the col de Manse: Kiriyenka (Sky), Taarämae (Cofidis), Jérôme (Europcar), Offredo (FDJ), Howard (Orica), Bobdridge (Belkin)...

11:11Col de Manse, other side

The time gap goes up to one minute in the climb but the riders aren't on the same road they used yesterday to reach the col de Manse. They're on the other ascent, via La Rochette, a section that remained famous for the spectacular crash of Joseba Beloki in the 2003 Tour de France.

11:0955 seconds in the climb

The nine breakaway riders have 55 seconds lead as they're climbing to the col de Manse.

11:07Time gap on the up again

Europcar and NetApp chase but the time gap increases: 45 seconds.

11:03Time gap: 35 seconds

The peloton keeps chasing seriously, 35 seconds behind the nine-man lead ten kilometres away from the col de Manse. The whole Europcar team is involved in the chase, helped by one rider from NetApp.

10:58Caruso the highest ranked

Damiano Caruso (Cannondale) who was already in the breakaway yesterday is the highest ranked of the escapees on GC: 48th at 6.03.

10:56Europcar leads the bunch

It's Europcar leading the bunch 48 seconds behind the nine leading riders. King of the Mountains Kevin Reza has missed the move while De Marchi, third in that classification, is in the front group again.

10:55Wackermann also gives up

Alike Visconti, Wackermann gives up and gets caught by the peloton.

10:54Visconti gives up

Visconsti waits for the peloton. Still nine riders in the lead and Wackermann in between.

10:53Visconti in counter attack

Giovanni Visconti is in a counter attack by himself. Peloton at 53 seconds.

10:52Caruso and De Marchi again in the lead

The nine breakaway riders are: Dimitri Gruzdev (Astana), Daryl Impey (Orica), Blel Kadri (AG2R), Stig Broeckx (Lotto), Damiano Caruso and Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale), Simon Spilak (Katusha), Michal Golas (OPQS) and Dries Devenyns (Giant). One rider tries to bridge the gap solo: Luca Wackermann (Lampre). Peloton at 20 seconds.

10:48Nine riders in the lead

Nine riders compose the breakaway group.

10:46A breakaway goes at km 44

At km 44, a breakaway is gone, with ten seconds lead.

10:4444.2km in the first hour

The peloton has covered 44.2km in the first hour of racing.

10:38Belkin on the move

A Belkin rider is reported to have attacked just before passing through Tallard where the start of stage 15 of the Tour de France will take place next month.

10:34No breakaway

The peloton reacts to every breakaway attempt.

10:30Roulston pulls out

Hayden Roulston (Trek) has quit the Dauphiné as well as Jérôme Pineau (IAM) who has been sent to the hospital in Gap.

10:25The fight is on again

After a respite, the fight is on again at the head of the peloton, but no breakaway attempt has been successful after 28 kilometres of racing.

10:13Peloton on slow motion

The peloton is riding slowly and all together at km 20 in order to allow the injured riders to come across and recover.

10:12Pineau pulls out

Jérôme Pineau (IAM) has abandoned the Dauphiné after crashing at km 24.

10:10Nibali: "The melting tarmac made it dangerous to attack"

In Italy's daily sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Vincenzo Nibali explained why the favourites of the Critérium du Dauphiné didn't fight each other yesterday in the downhill of the col de Manse, as expected because of the history of the Tour de France. “It was extremely dangerous on the melting tarmac”, said the Italian who is known as a virtuoso in this kind of situation. “Maybe [Michal] Kwiatkowski wanted to accelerate but we looked at each other and decided to not take...

10:06Hand injury for Pineau

Jérôme Pineau's hand is injured. Jack Bobridge (Belkin) was also in the crash.

10:03Crash at km 14

A crash has occurred at km 14, involving Sylvain Chavanel (IAM) and many riders: Jérôme Pineau (IAM), José Ivan Gutierrez (Movistar)... Danny Pate (Sky) broke his handlebar.

09:58No luck for attackers

Fourteen riders went away from the bunch but weren't allowed any freedom. It's all together after 11km of racing.

09:51Many skirmishes from the gun

From the gun, many skirmishes are taking place but the peloton is still all together at km 4.

09:50Six climbs on the menu today

Climbs of the day

-    Km 68.5: col de Manse, cat. 2, 6.6km at 6.2%

-    Km 100: côte du Motty, cat. 3, 2.3km at 8.1%

-    Km 125.5: côte du Pont-Haut, cat. 3, 2.7km at 7.4%

-    Km 135: col de Malissol, cat. 3, 2km at 8.8%

-    Km 149.5: col de la Morte, cat. 2, 3.1km at 8.4%

-    Km 169: côte de Laffrey, cat. 2, 6.3km at 6.2%

09:46Damuseau: "The Route Napoleon is mythical"

Questioned by, Thomas Damuseau (Giant-Shimano) who was the King of the Mountains at the Dauphiné last year and currently stands in second position behind polka dot jersey wearer Kevin Reza (Europcar), said before the start: “I'm certainly motivated by today's stage. It's going to a spectacular stage, it's going to be hot and we'll ride on the mythical Route Napoleon. There are many points up for grab in the King of the Mountain classification. We're talking about climbs of a...

09:45Jersey holders

Chris Froome remains in the yellow jersey even though he explained at the finish yesterday that his intention was to let it go to another rider, for instance Maxime Bouet (AG2R-La Mondiale) who was a virtual leader for most of stage 4, “but the speed was just too high at the end”, Froome gave as an explanation. Runner up Alberto Contador (Tinkoff-Saxo) continues riding with the green jersey of the points classification and third placed Wilco Kelderman (Belkin) has retained the white...

09:44The race is on

The start proper of stage 5 has been given at 9.43 to 159 riders.


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