Craponne-sur-Arzon possesses several chain stores, fifty-something small shops, hosts two annual fairs, as well as large weekly market with a wealth of craftspeople, retailers and producers. In addition to a green living environment, the surrounding forest offers the various players in the timber sector a setting that is conducive to harmonious development. There are many civil services present, such as the public service centre, where visitors can carry out a wide range of formalities. For children, the town boasts two nursery and primary schools, two junior high schools, an early childhood centre and a leisure centre. Health is not forgotten, thanks to the hospital, a retirement home and a multi-discipline health centre. As regards leisure pursuits, there are approximately sixty associations and three especially renowned events: The Green Escape festival, the Melodies in Arzon festival and La Trifòla, a grand festival devoted to potatoes. Among the many innovative projects, the local authorities have made electric bicycles available to all for hire.