Situated at the mouth of the glacial valley carved out by the River Authre, the village of Jussac lies at an altitude of between 610 and 875 metres. Farming, mainly raising of dairy livestock, is the dominant activity in the valley, with a landscape of well-maintained hedgerows, like on the plateaux, whereas the steeper slopes are covered by woods. A short hiking trail (17 km) and several mountain-biking trials are a fine way of enjoying this varied landscape as well as discovering broad views over the summits of the Cantal Mountains. Although near to Aurillac, for its population of above 2,000 people, Jussac boasts a wide range of commercial, craft, banking and postal facilities, not forgetting health professionals as well. Approximately twenty associations, some of which it shares with other municipalities, enliven the area throughout the year thanks to many cultural and sporting events in particular. All these assets contribute to making Jussac a renowned dynamic and attractive village, as well as underlining its constant and sustainable development.