News - 16/02 - 12:00

Bastille on the horizon

Because Critérium du Dauphiné week is considered as decisive in preparing for the Tour de France by the riders taking part, they would be well advised to show balance in all circumstances and rely on strategy to gain a real grasp of the route for the 2023 edition. This was the way Jonas Vingegaard did it last year, launching his summer campaign by taking second...

News - 16/02 - 12:00

Storming of the Bastille redux

Brushes with history are inevitable when meandering around the roads of France. Any ordinary traveller on the route of the 2023 Critérium du Dauphiné would take a break to visit the Château de Vizille, where the Estates General of Dauphiné met in the run-up to the French Revolution. Cycling enthusiasts, on the other hand, look at the map of France...

News - 19/01 - 14:00

A volcanic start among the 'Puys'

The riders take part in the Critérium du Dauphiné to find the answers to all the questions concerning them with a month to go before the Tour de France and, naturally, to achieve prestigious victories likely to boost their confidence. For this date inscribed in their diaries on the first weekend of June, they will find themselves in familiar territory. While Chambon-sur-Lac...

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