The stage film - 06/06 - 16:49

Team Sky fries them all


Team Sky won the team time trial of the 70th Critérium du Dauphiné with an important margin over BMC in the 35-km long stage 3 from Pont-de-Vaux to Louhans-Châteaurenaud. They brought Michal Kwiatkowski back in the lead of the overall ranking with an advantage of more than one minute over Adam Yates (Mitchelton-Scott), almost...

Interview - 06/06 - 17:17

Geraint Thomas: “One of our best time trials”


“It’s perfect. We’ve ridden really well. It was fluid and fast. It’s probably one of Team Sky’s best time trials ever. Now we have four hard stages ahead of us and we’ll see how it goes. But we’ll defend the jersey. We’ve got several cards to play but it’ll still be difficult to win, that’s...

Interview - 06/06 - 17:11

Gianni Moscon: “The best TTT I've ever done"


“Today it was just perfect. We had a really smooth ride as a team. It’s been a very nice team performance. We paced very well on the climbs. It was simply perfect. It’s the best TTT I’ve ever done. For sure I’m really happy. I’m here to support G [Geraint Thomas] and Kwiato to try and bring home the overall...

Interview - 06/06 - 17:10

Daryl Impey: “Sky rode exceptionally well”


“It’s been a fantastic moment to ride the team time trial with the yellow-blue jersey. I’ve felt very proud. If you told me I’d come to the Dauphiné and I’d be in this jersey one day, I would have taken it, so I’m happy. I would have loved to keep the jersey but we’ve done our best and that’s...

Interview - 06/06 - 17:08

Michal Kwiatkowski: "If I could pick a win, it'd be this one"


“I’m so happy that I got no major issue after the crash yesterday. If I could have picked up one stage win in the Dauphiné, I’d like it to be the TTT. It’s a wonderful feeling to win as a team. We rode a perfect stage, technically and tactically, on the entire course. The 35km were demanding with changing rhythm...

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Road Kilometers Schedules Local Time
From the finish From the start P D
FRANCE AIN (01) VC PONT-DE-VAUX (VC-D26-VC-D2) 35 0 14:50 15:53
VC PONT-DE-VAUX (VC-D26-VC-D2) 35 0 14:50 15:53
D2 SAINT-BÉNIGNE 32 3 14:53 15:56
Carrefour D2-D58 30.5 4.5 14:55 15:58
D58 VESCOURS 26 9 15:00 16:03
SAÔNE-ET-LOIRE (71) 35 0
D12 ROMENAY (D12-D975-VC-D12) 21.5 13.5 15:05 16:08
Romenay 21 14 15:05 16:08
La Bouthière 18.5 16.5 15:09 16:12
Les Teppes 17.5 17.5 15:09 16:12
La Rippe des Monts 16.5 18.5 15:11 16:14
Terres-Morel 15.5 19.5 15:12 16:15
Les Courtelets 11 24 15:17 16:20
Montpont-en-bresse 10.5 24.5 15:18 16:21
LA CHAPELLE-NAUDE 6 29 15:23 16:26
LOUHANS (Entrée) (D12-VC-D678) 3 32 15:26 16:29
D678 LOUHANS-CHÂTEAURENAUD 0 35 15:29 16:32

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